My hexo theme Gocore is now released, which is inspired by Google design and G-core.

There are still lots of things to do to make it a user-friend blog theme and I will keep on working on it. (If I have time. XD)

Now let's talk about Gocore.

You can see the live preview here and the source codes are given in Github.

{% asset_img 01.png screenshot %}


  • Modern and responsive design As you can see, Gocore is simple and it's comfortable for reading. And it has a responsive layout.
  • Slider Gocore has a huge slider in the home page to show everything you like. See the confiture here.
  • Comments Natrually, as a hexo theme Gocore uses disqus or duoshuo to implement its comment system. And you can disable it in the front-matter See the config here
  • Local search(simple)
  • Article banner
  • Single column
  • Comments
  • RSS

Todo list

  1. Tag page
  2. Math formula support
  3. 404 page
  4. Better suit for mobile
  5. User-friend slider
  6. Improve style


In your blog directory, type in command line: $ npm install hexo-renderer-jade --save $ git clone theme/Gocore

Modify theme in _config.yml to Gocre.

theme: Gocore


Modify post_asset_folder in _config.yml to true.

post_asset_folder: true

Modify Gocore/_config.yml

Archive: /archives

#account menu
#Title: Link

#Post title: post link

#test: /2015/11/01/test

rss: /atom.xml  #your rss link

disqus_shortname: #your disqus shortname

to add banner, you should add image: FILENAME in the front-matter of the post or page

to disable comment in post or page, you should add comment: false in the front-matter

to enable local search, you should generate a 'atom.xml' for rss, you can install hexo-generator-feed:

$ npm install hexo-generator-feed --save

then publish a new page named Search

P.S. local search only matches one string with post titles.